Greeting from Ventures of Yokohama 87

 Project Team 87VIP

Yokohama Group 87 - Ventures International Project

(Team's introduction video - interim)

Team 87VIP has participated
the Xmas Message Exchange Program of Yokohama Nanoh District
to promote the communications of district scouts
with the scout friends in world wide

Greeting from Yokohama 87 (Cub)

 Greeting by Photo

from Yokohama 87 Cub Pack

Photo with Exchange Scout from Australia

Season's Greeting from Japan (Y87BV)

 Greeting !!

from Beavers of Yokohama 87

At Xmas Party with an Exchange Scout from Australia


2010 Xmas Greeting from Japan (Y116)

 Greeting from MAYUKO & TAISHI
 of Yokohama Group 116

I have two greeting cards for the scout friends in world.   One in English and another in Chinese and posted in below.   I am 6th grade in school and love POKEMON!  My yong broher is 2nd grade and he will be a Cub from Beaver in next year.

Also, there are additional cards made with my kid brother, DAISHI, who is a beaver scout. Please see the video clip in below for those cards.   I call those "ECO cards" because I used a character clippings from brochures of exhibition, seals of medical firm I got at hospital, also used a package of cookies (Can you tell which one?), et al. 

(Additional ECO Christmas Cards)



2010 Xams Greeting from Japan (Y87VS)

 Merry Merry Christmas

Christmas greetings from the Venture Scouts of Yokohama Group 87 in Japan!

We have created 3D message cards to the scout friends in the world.   We are interested to know about the scouting activities of your group.  We hope to have your response.

Have wonderful joy of Christmas with your friends and family.

When you open the card, a tree will stand up

A card with nice illustration
Open a card and you will see 3D figure

2010 Xams Greeting from Japan (Y87CS)

 Joy of Christmas !!

Greeting Messages from Cub Pack of Yokohama Group 87, in Japan, to all the scout friends, Beavers - Cubs - Scouts - Ventures and others, of the world. 

We have created many message cards by individual Cub or together in Den, so we hope to send those to many location where our scout friends are.

2010 Xams Greeting from Japan (Y87BS)

 Merry Christmas !! 

Greeting from Scout Troop of Yokohama Group 87, in Japan, to the scout friends in other country.


7-5-3 Shichi Go San

November 15 is the day parents takes their son and daughters dressed in traditional KIMONO or suite to shrine to pray for their health and growth.

In case of a boy, three or five years old, and a girl, three or seven years old.

(Photo was taken at Kamakura)

The children who celebrate this event will have this CHITOSEAME.

It is red and white stick candy.

Chitose means "a thousand years" and "Ame" is "candy."

Eating this candy will express a wish for long  prospect.
(Tsurugaoka Hachimangu in Kamakura)


Tour de Miura

Tour de Miura
Scout Troop, Yokohama Group 116

Scouts of Yokohama 116 have enjoyed the “Tour de Miura” on Sunday, November 11, 2010.

This is a program planned by them to tour around 80 km of rout by bicycle. Starting from Hongodai, and to Kannonzaki, Miurakaigan Enoshima, then back to a starting point, in 10 hours.

Weather was beautiful, and discovering the wind and order of autumn in Miura peninsula was so nice.

With Kannonzaki Light House in back

Camporee in Asagiri 2010

International Friendship Program of  
Incheon Council and Yokohama Nanoh District

This year, the scouts and leaders from Incheon Council visited Yokohama and together we have had the Camporee at Asagiri (World and National Jamboree were held in this area) and the Exploring Program of Yokohama Minatomirai (currently APEC is held there) and others.  

This friendship program was conducted over 35 years between Incheon, Korea and our Scout Groups in Yokohama.

This year, it was very hot summer in Japan, but our scout friends from Incheon enjoyed Asagiri and Yokohama with Japanese scouts.  

We all will be looking forward to next Friendship Program with Incheon Scouts.

Camporee Badges: 



Contact through JOTA-JOTI 2010

This year we again participated the JOTA-JOTI in Saturday evening with scouts of Yokohama Group 31.

Due to a technical problem on email system, we only had a limited time for communication during the JOTA-JOTI weekend, and made the contacts of about 35.

However, we are still receiving some message now and also continue to exchange messages even after the JOTA-JOTI.  

We are planning a post JOTA-JOTI program that is to exchange Christmas Messages with those contacts we have had.   If any Scout group (including Beavers and Cubs, et al) who may be interested to participate with this program with us, please contact us.  We  shall be very happy to have more scout friends.

Shots from JOTI activity on Oct. 16, 2010

(If no slide show is shown above, please click a picture link in below.)


Greeting from Japan

  Messages to Scout Friends  

The Cub Pack of Yokohama Group 96 wrote following messages after they have had exploring the Embassies in Tokyo.

They also climbed Tokyo Tower (TV tower 333 meters high) taking stairs.

By visiting those Embassies in Tokyo, they are now interested to communicate with Scout friends of outside Japan, and they wrote the messages as in below.


Cherry Blossom 2010

 It has been a long way to spring this year!

One day we had over 20 degrees and next day with 5 degrees, then goes back to over 15 degrees. Up and down with temperature so drastic by each day. It was very strange weather we have had from March to April. We even had snow in mid April at Yokohama area (which is not so common)!

But, it was in full cherry blossom, in first weekend of April, and there were many people and families under the cherry blossom for picnic. Pictures in below were taken near my home which is less than 100 meters away. Many Japanese people love cherry blossom.



Do you know why we find so many cherry trees along the banks of river side
in Tokyo ?

There is a story!

It was a time about 300 years ago when Tokyo was called Edo and was ruled
by Shogun.

Shogun Yoshimune Tokugawa ordered to plant 100 cherry trees along the banks
of river side. There was two intentions to this action.

1) At that time, Edo was so populated and no open space to enjoy by town people of
    Edo. So, it was intended to give opportunity to enjoy scenery of cherry blossom.

2) Another intent was to have a crowds come to see cherry blossom and dance under
    the trees so banks of river will get hard with people's steps. This is because Edo
    was originally a swampy place and reclaimed land, so those river banks need to be
    enforced time to time.

Well, this is a very unique idea for sure!



Cherrry Bloomed Today in Tokyo

Spring is Coming

(photo 2010.3.22)

Today, Meteorological Agency has announced the cherry blooming in Tokyo. It is a little bit early this year.

Near my house, I found one cherry flower. Looks like we can have a cherry picnic in this weekend.

4 words phrase "San-Kan-Shi-On" represents this time of season. San is 3. Kan means cold. Shi is 4, and On means warm.

Thus, it means, we have three cold days and four warm days, which tells it is getting warm day by day and spring is coming.

Did you know there are over 600 different cherry trees in Japan.  Lear more about cherry tree that is very special to us Japanese.  More information at Wikipedia.



Greeting from Yokohama Group 87

We have two (2) new posting
on our 87th Home Page (English)!

New Year Celemony 2010


Activity in February


There are many Temples in our vicinity where we can visit to experience this ZAZEN.  It was first time to experience ZAZEN by scouts and for some leader also.   Month of February is most colest month of year and there is no heating where they had ZAZEN.

You will find more details at Wikipedia.

Greeting from Yokohama Goup 123 and 129


Greeting from Yokohama Group 123 and 129 !!

This is their first activity of year 2010.
We make "MOCHI (Rice Cake)" for celebration.  More detail is available at Wikipedia


March 3rd is HINA-MATSURI

It is the Japanese Doll Festival (Hina-Matsuri),

or known as Girls' Day!!


More detail is available from Wikipedia 

We display those dolls and celebrate on this day by girls. 

It is said that immediately after celebrating this day, March 3, it is important to put away those dalls as quickly as possible. 

Otherwise, your kid girl will be late in getting married (?) 


February 14 is St. Valentine Day

To Dear Scouts Friend,

Happy Valentine !


St. Valentine Day is one of very big event in Japan today.       

This event was not of our tradition before. But, it is very popular today and you will be supprised to see every young and old ladies are buying chocolate for this St. Valentine Day.

There are three different paractices you may find strange.

  1. Gift is given from a girl to boy to confess her love. Only from girl to boy on this day.
  2. This gift is chocolate. This is becuause this practice was introduced by chocorate maker in Japan.
  3. Some Chocolate gift is distributed for curtesy. This curtisy chocolate is called "GIRI-Choco" and distributed to co-workers or classmates.

It is nice to have many chocolate gifts, even it is "GIRI-Choco." But you must give a return to that gift in next month which is named "White Date."


Februrary 3rd is SETSUBUN in Japan

February 3 in Japan is the day of SETSUBUN event.
This day is also a celebration (a day before) of the Spring Festival.

We have special action of throwing the dried beans (MAMEMAKI)to drive away evil spirits such as bringing diseases. The evils areabstracted as the masks you can see on above. This abstractedimage of evil, I believe, was came from China.

Can you guess what this is ?

This is a big SUSHI role and it is said that it will bring a good luck when we ea it on this SETSUBUN day, and for that event, this SUSHI role is called EHO-MAKI.

In order to bring a good luck, you must face the direction of that year and by closing your eyes and eat it without speaking a word till you finish. The direction of year for 2010 is West-South-West.

It is not certain of its origin of start, but one of rumor is that it was Seven and Eleven started to sell this role in 1989 and made popular in Japan. Today, I was surprised, you will see not just SUSHI role but role made by cake for this special event.
Learn more about SETSUBUN at Wikipedia (click here)