Cherry Blossom 2010

 It has been a long way to spring this year!

One day we had over 20 degrees and next day with 5 degrees, then goes back to over 15 degrees. Up and down with temperature so drastic by each day. It was very strange weather we have had from March to April. We even had snow in mid April at Yokohama area (which is not so common)!

But, it was in full cherry blossom, in first weekend of April, and there were many people and families under the cherry blossom for picnic. Pictures in below were taken near my home which is less than 100 meters away. Many Japanese people love cherry blossom.



Do you know why we find so many cherry trees along the banks of river side
in Tokyo ?

There is a story!

It was a time about 300 years ago when Tokyo was called Edo and was ruled
by Shogun.

Shogun Yoshimune Tokugawa ordered to plant 100 cherry trees along the banks
of river side. There was two intentions to this action.

1) At that time, Edo was so populated and no open space to enjoy by town people of
    Edo. So, it was intended to give opportunity to enjoy scenery of cherry blossom.

2) Another intent was to have a crowds come to see cherry blossom and dance under
    the trees so banks of river will get hard with people's steps. This is because Edo
    was originally a swampy place and reclaimed land, so those river banks need to be
    enforced time to time.

Well, this is a very unique idea for sure!