Greeting from Yokohama 87 Group

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We would like to extend our warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

from Yokohama 87 


Thank You Video Message from Matto-1 Cub Pack

Although, Matto-1 Cubs could not attend JOTA-JOTI over the weekend, they have participated this program by a video message of "Share It!" and exchanging messages with the scout group in Australia, Taiwan and many others.

This is their "Thank You" video message (re-posted from Matto-1 Home Page).  

If there is any question to the Cubs of Matto-1 form seeing this video, please feel free to send it to us or write a comment in below (I shall transfer it to Matto-1).

JOTA-JOTI see what it is like !

JOTA-JOTI was great fun !

Thank you to all those who have attended and supported our program of Video Chat Coordination. We have had many group video chat and the scouts on both end have enjoyed this JOTA-JOTI event. 

Please keep in touch with us and hoping those new contact we have had shall be the commencement of friendship of scouts who have attended this program.

JOTA-JOTI Fun with Video Chat

Yokohama 87 Troop joined this video chat with the scout groups in and out of Japan.  

It was the Welcome Camp for three scouts here who has joined a Troop from Cub Pack last month.  Two days camp under heavy rain in Yokohama.

with Malaysia

with Oomura, Nagasaki

with Hyogo and Columbia

with Columbia

JOTA-JOTI with Taiwan and many others

Scouts from Yokohama made many video chat with the scouts from other region in and out of Japan.

With Chiayi City Troop86 of Taiwan, they start draw animation characters such as PIKACHU and show it each other over this video chat. Also, they thought to our Scouts how to pronounce Japanese name in Chinese. It sure was a very new experience.


Live Stream from Yokohama

Yokohama Nanoh site is planning to release a live stream of its site view through Ustream.

This year, jotiTV is updated but no longer supporting upload from Ustream.

Live stream videos at Ustream


JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It” Video Message of Yokohama 87 Scout Troop

There are another video message from Scout Troop of YOKOHAMA 87.

This program was proposed by JOTA-JOTI Netherland.  Please have your video message posted and sent it out to the world.


Message Letter from ICHIHARA 6 Cub Pack (Chiba)

Two Cub scouts joined this "CONTACT 2013" program to forward their messages to scout friends in the world.

Their messages as aligned with the theme of JOTA-JOTI 2013, "SHARE IT," they stated what they would like to share and followed with its reason why.

There is also video message in below.

(This video is introduced at Facebook group "JOTA-JOTI Netherland)


Message Letter from YOKOHAMA 87 Cub Pack and Beaver Colony

Cubs and Beavers of YOKOHAMA 87, Japan, would like to "SHARE IT" with scouts of the world.  There is a video message posted previously.

Message Letter from MATTO-1 Cub Pack

Messages from Cub scouts of MATTO-1 in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.  There is a video message also.

(This is posted here on behalf of MATTO-1)


JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It” Video Message of Yokohama 87 Cub Pack

Video message from Yokohama 87 Cub Pack is introduced.   This program was proposed by JOTA-JOTI Netherland.

Initial video message was from Netherland and followed by Matto-1 of Japan and Grupo 75  Gondizalves of Portugal.

This video message is posted on JOTA-JOTI Netherland Facebook and has had over 100 access in first an hour.

Please have your video message posted and sent it out to the world.


JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It” Video Message of MATTO-1 Cub Pack

Video message with this year's JOTA-JOTI theme "SHARE IT" from Matto 1 Cub Pack, our friends in Ishikawa Prefecture, is posted here on behalf.

This video message program was originally proposed by JOTA-JOTI Netherland.  This message is viewed by scouts of all the world through Facebook.

       Click here to  Facebook of JOTA-JOTI Netherland


JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It” Program

JOTA-JOTI “Share It” badge from Netherland was distributed to one of Japanese group (Yokohama 87 Group) today, and Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have worn it.

They were assigned with two missions:

One, to write a message on theme of JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It.”

Another, to participate on video message that is originally proposed by JOTA-JOTI Netherland.

Because, it started rain today, this video message will be made at next activity.


2nd CJK Venture Co-operative Project

From August 10 to August 16, 2013, this project was carried out in Kanagawa, Japan. The ventures and leaders from Taiwan, Japan and Korea got together to jointly work out and experience and learn the culture and build friendship. Also, within this project, natural environment program, they participated on volunteer work such as to clean up camp site, bamboo forest, and build a toilet that can be used in disaster time.

Please visit its homepage (currently under working in process) and Facebook group by click from here.

(Slide Show Movie of Project)


Yokohama Port Festival

Five youth groups in Yokohama held a joint program of friendship.

Team members are selected from each youth group and went around the Yokohama Port Festival area searching for the check points where you challenge to the question and get a stamp.

Beavers and Cubs were exchanging those name cards they have prepared for this event with other youth groups they went around together as a team.

Spring Activity - Ice Skating

Each year, we have ski or skating program as a start of spring activity.

This year, we have challenged to ice skating.   It needs a good balance on ice, and we did well !!



Nanakusagayu - Jan. 7th

On the seventh day of new year, we have this Nanakusagayu - Rice Porridge with seven herbs with hope for that one year of good health.

This seventh day is a last day of new year's celebration and because of a weak stomach after enjoying many new year foods and drinks, we have this rice porridge with herbs.


The First Dream in the New Year

The Seven Gods of Fortune (七福神 Shichi Fukujin), sometime called the Seven Lucky Gods,  on Treasury Ship will bring a good fortune in New Year. 

We place this picture under a pillow and expect to see a good dream of fortune (初夢 Hatsu Yume) on a night of January 1.