JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It” Video Message of Yokohama 87 Cub Pack

Video message from Yokohama 87 Cub Pack is introduced.   This program was proposed by JOTA-JOTI Netherland.

Initial video message was from Netherland and followed by Matto-1 of Japan and Grupo 75  Gondizalves of Portugal.

This video message is posted on JOTA-JOTI Netherland Facebook and has had over 100 access in first an hour.

Please have your video message posted and sent it out to the world.


JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It” Video Message of MATTO-1 Cub Pack

Video message with this year's JOTA-JOTI theme "SHARE IT" from Matto 1 Cub Pack, our friends in Ishikawa Prefecture, is posted here on behalf.

This video message program was originally proposed by JOTA-JOTI Netherland.  This message is viewed by scouts of all the world through Facebook.

       Click here to  Facebook of JOTA-JOTI Netherland


JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It” Program

JOTA-JOTI “Share It” badge from Netherland was distributed to one of Japanese group (Yokohama 87 Group) today, and Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have worn it.

They were assigned with two missions:

One, to write a message on theme of JOTA-JOTI 2013 “Share It.”

Another, to participate on video message that is originally proposed by JOTA-JOTI Netherland.

Because, it started rain today, this video message will be made at next activity.